Jessy Bergeron-Boisvert

Jessy Bergeron-Boisvert

Residential Real Estate Broker

To sell or buy a property with an inclusive and honest experience, contact Jessy Bergeron-Boisvert, residential real estate broker!

Make sure you are doing the right thing by working with brokers who know what they are doing by trusting the Daoust / Marcotte team who have been in the business for 6 years now.

We will assist you in each of the important steps involved in a real estate transaction. We will start by ensuring that your property is properly valued, since our goal is to sell as quickly as possible, at the best possible price.You will put all the chances on your side by posting on Centris, which includes the MOST large number of properties for sale in Quebec, exclusive to real estate brokers. Efficiency and proactivity are put forward!

Buyers, I haven't forgotten you! For the purchase of your first property, the purchase of an income property or for investment, the real estate broker is your best friend.

Fun fact, as a buyer you will not have to pay any costs since these are insured by the seller! I will therefore guide you to the best of my knowledge through the search for your future property, which can sometimes be very complex.
From research to visits and signing I will be there for you!

Doing business with me also means working with someone who is proactive, available, honest and inclusive. Looking forward to seeing you!
Jessy Bergeron-Boisvert

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