Fatima Zahraa Darif

Fatima Zahraa Darif

Residential Real Estate Broker

Formerly an economist by profession, Fatima has been a residential real estate broker since 2017. Passionate about real estate, she takes the time to guide her clients through the process of buying or selling a property, allowing them to count on her for sound advice and recommendations throughout the process.

She puts her expertise to good use, listening to her clients' needs to market their property properly and professionally, or to guide them in their search for a property that meets their criteria.

She is able to combine her economic and real estate knowledge to provide the right advice, all with the aim of protecting her clients' interests and conducting their transaction in complete security.

Her dynamism, availability and integrity contribute to the success of her work.Fatima is the industry reference for the North Shore, Laval and surrounding areas.

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Fatima Zahraa Darif

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