Judy Petterson

Judy Petterson

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Bold and efficient are the words that defines well the personality of Judy Petterson! With over twenty years’ experience in sales and over ten years as a real estate broker in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest borough, Judy offers a unique and exceptional client experience, which has earned her the trust and loyalty of her clients. Judy has created a tried and true method that is rooted in her unwavering dedication and in-depth understanding of market rules and trends.

She listens carefully to what her clients need. She conducts personalized property visits, negotiates on her clients’ behalf and lightens the paperwork load. She remains THE contact person throughout the process, with no middlemen. Judy will give you the straight facts, look for the rare gem and get that agreement you need to build your future. These are just a few of the things that have earned her the loyalty of her clients, who stay with her from one generation to the next in the buying and selling of properties.

Driven by the satisfaction of her clients and the challenges that drive her to find effective and concrete solutions, Judy easily understands the subtleties surrounding the satisfaction of your needs.
Judy Petterson

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